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English for Every Age and Level

Welcome aboard! This is your one stop centre to take your English to any level you need. Choose from a wide range of flexible courses, whether you’re an absolute beginner, you want to give your child a head start, study at a top university, improve your career prospects, brush up your English skills to become an expert speaker, or simply make new friends throughout the world. We’ve got the right course for you.

Learn English and get accredited at our Cambridge English Assessment Centre. There are group classes and private lessons happening all day, every day. Here’s to a brighter future, wherever your destination.


Cambridge: Pre A1 Starters

Pre A1 starters is the start of a child’s language learning journey. It is the first level of the Cambridge Assessment English qualifications designed for pre-schoolers to primary aged children.

Cambridge: A2 Key

A2 Key is designed to build the essential skills of the English language. This is a fluid journey to start learning English, as well as a path to pass the UPSR or Checkpoint 6 examinations.

Cambridge: B1 Business

B1 Business Preliminary is designed to build your everyday English language proficiency and give you practical experience for career advancement.

C1 Advanced is all about fluency and is tailored to prepare learners for exams and equip them with language skills that  global employers and universities are looking for.

General English

General English is a flexible course that can be designed for all skill levels. The course can even be tailored to industry (i.e. health, hospitality and travel) to improve your ability to communicate effectively and give you confidence in your use of English.

SPM 1119

SPM English 1119 exam preparation course is designed with all the required skills and knowledge to sit for the exam. It is a comprehensive course conducted by highly qualified teachers, ranging from heads of schools to SPM paper markers.


IELTS is a renowned English test for higher education, global migration or work. It can open doors if you wish to journey to countries where English is the primary language of communication. Send your application direct from here.


Sign up to this exclusive Masterclass series to get practical advice from international professionals and local thought leaders, who deliver practical and up-to-the-minute learning that can be applied straight away.

SPM Boosters are here!

Are you a Form 5 student who needs help to catch up on your SPM subjects? Join our brand new unlimited booster sessions for only RM300 per month. Choose as many subjects as you want from our timetable for only RM300 per month, when you register before 15 September 2020.

How To Ace Your Presentations

Presentations can be a scary thing for many because it can affect your grade in college or a business deal you’ve been working hard on. Worry not, we have some tips that will help you prepare and ace that presentation confidently.

Preparing your answers for a job interview

It’s normal to feel anxious before an interview but knowing what to expect and what your interviewer wants to know, would help you prepare and feel more confident when the day comes. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you confidently prepare for the interview that might just help you land your dream job…