Cambridge English: A2 Key

Duration: 120 hours

Group Lesson: Yes

Personal Lesson: Yes

Level: Elementary

Assessment Test: Yes

The A2 Key level course is designed to build up learners’ mastery on the four essential language skills and next, prepare them for the examination which corresponds to the level. As a basic level qualification in the Cambridge English courses, A2 Key serves as an ideal pathway to other higher Cambridge English Qualifications and it suits learners who are new to learning English. Besides, as it is also the first level qualification in Cambridge Assessment English right after the Cambridge English Qualifications designed for young learners, A2 Key is also as a good place for older children to start learning English. The exam will provide learners confidence to proceed to study for higher-level English exams as well as pass the national public exam designed for primary school students, the UPSR exam.

According to the Cambridge Assessment Centre, learners with an A2 Key qualification should be able to:

  • Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
  • Understand simple written English
  • Introduce yourself and answer basic questions about yourself
  • Interact with English speakers at a basic level

The A2 Key level course is further broken down into two levels, which are lower A2 Key level and upper A2 Key level respectively. The course runs for 80 weeks (8 terms) which is equivalent to 240 hours.

Course Length
120 hours

Tuition Fees
Personal Class RM 456 (12 hours)
Group Class RM 192 (12 hours)

Personal Class Flexible
Group Class (one lesson per week) Monday to Friday
  • 9am – 12 pm
  • 3pm – 6pm
  • 9am – 12 pm
  • 2pm- 5pm
  • 10am – 1pm
  • 2pm – 5pm

Learning Materials
Textbook RM 41
Worksheet RM 4
Total RM 45

Cambridge English Qualifications Exam
CEFR Level A2
Scale Score 120 - 139
Format Paper-based
Number of Papers 3
Exam Length About 2 hours