Duration: 30 hours

Group Lesson: Yes

Personal Lesson: Yes

Level: All levels

Assessment Test: Yes


Our IGCSE exam preparation course aims to equip exam takers with necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the exam within a short time as well as to guide them to the right path towards exam preparation. It is an intensive and comprehensive course which covers all the four language skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing) which will be tested in the exam. The course is conducted by highly qualified teachers equipped with long teaching experience.

It’s usual for students of international schools who need additional language support to gain confidence in their exams to take this course.

What can you expect from our course?

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam format
  • Tackle question types and answering techniques
  • Learn exam pitfalls and scoring tips
  • Hone your language exam skills
  • Narrow down scope of study
  • Practice mock exam papers
  • Receive feedback and improve on areas of needs
  • Boost exam grades
  • Builds exam confidence
Tuition Fees & Course Length
Personal Class RM 516 (12 hours)
Group Class (Subject to availability) RM 240 (12 hours)

*Learning materials are free of charge.

Personal Class Flexible
Group Class