School Holiday English

Duration: 15 hours

Group Lesson: Yes

Personal Lesson: No

Level: All levels

Assessment Test: Yes

Designed to hone language skills and boost confidence in language learning through stimulating activities, our Holiday English workshops are exclusively prepared for young people, aged five to 16. This course provides a fresh spin on language learning in which it focuses on kinesthetic learning instead of theory-based learning. Hence, learners will be able to master soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and team working, all while learning English.

This is a flexible course that coincides with the school holidays in June, August and November / December each year.

What can you expect from our course?

  • Creative learning via arts and crafts, music, story telling, role play and games
  • Hands-on experience based on real-life situations
  • Boost confidence in language learning
  • Unleash full potential in language learning
  • Inculcate soft skills
  • Spark creativity
  • Explore different fields in a safe learning environment
Course Length
12 hours

Tuition Fees
Group Class RM 192 (12 hours)

Group Class August 12-16
Monday to Friday

Learning Materials
Free of charge