SPM English 1119

Duration: 30 hours

Group Lesson: Yes

Personal Lesson: Yes

Level: All levels

Assessment Test: Yes


Our SPM English 1119 exam preparation course is designed to arm SPM English 1119 exam takers with all the required skills and knowledge to sit for the exam as well as to guide them to the right path towards exam preparation. It is an intensive and comprehensive course conducted by highly qualified teachers and they range from senior teachers, heads of schools to SPM English 1119 paper markers.

Some students prefer a direct intensive course, others choose to do the Cambridge English pathway for a broader scope.

What can you expect from our course?

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam format
  • Learn exam pitfalls, perfect answering techniques and scoring tips
  • Hone your language exam skills
  • Narrow down scope of study
  • Practice mock exam papers
  • Boost exam grades
  • Gain exam confidence
Tuition Fees & Course Length
Personal Class RM 516 (12 hours)
Group Class (Subject to availability) RM 240 (12 hours)

*Learning materials are free of charge.

Personal Class Flexible
Group Class